Best Way To Remove: Install Windows Explorer Startup Folder In Windows 7

If you have configured the Windows Explorer startup folder in Windows 7 on your computer, this guide should help you.


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    Right click on Windows Explorer. Then go to Properties. This will open Windows Explorer properties and click the shortcut tab in the next text box that will target the destination.

    Windows 7 displays a user interface including the transition taskbar. there was a huge upgrade. But what about a shortcut to a folder in the main system tray? What I find helpful is that I can simply click on the device I’m on and instantly open Windows Explorer in my library folders. But like any great geek, I want to choose my destiny, so let’s change its direction!

    How To Change The Default Folder In Explorer In Windows 7

    How do I change the default folder in Windows 7 Explorer?

    Right click any pro iconWindows driver on its taskbar. Right-click on the explorer and select Properties.Under Destination, replace the drive with the folder that Windows Explorer should display by default. In my case, this is F: Users Whitson for the custom folder.

    Step 1

    Note that the person may need to right-click and then right-click in the special list of shortcuts that appears to find a context menu where families can select Properties. p>

    Step 2

    The shortcut that the eye should open by default, but in case it doesn’t just click the “Shortcuts” tab.

    The only area of ​​interest to the right of this tab is the Target field you see. By default, the layout is aligned to:

    % windir%  explorer.exe 

    This is exactly where our group wants to point. Don’t change it. After that we will insert the text.

    Enter an exclusive space after the% windir% explorer.exe part, then enter the path to the folder, then I’ll go straight to it. For example, I want it to point to my Downloads folder, so mine too:

    % windir%  explorer.exe C:  Users  grooveDexter  downloads  

    Or I could just paste in% userprofile% downloads and remember that it automatically points to the C: Users grooveDexter folder for me, the location of the explorer.exe folder on the right. This process may not seem confusing. So take a look at the screenshot below, it explains it more clearly. Don’t forget to click OK to save your changes!


    If you immediately click on the Windows Explorer shortcut in the taskbar, this method will open in the directory you specified in step 2!

    If you ever want to go back to the original settings, just go back and change the itemBut the error path is only% windir% explorer.exe.

    How do I make Windows Explorer open to a specific folder?

    Right-click the Explorer shortcut and select Properties from the menu. When you get to the Properties screen, fully click the Shortcut tab. Now, just like in Windows XP, change the Destination field on this screen (Figure C) to see the switches and locations created in the correct folder.

    If content = “474” you are not always a fan of the standard Windows File Explorer monitor, there is much more to open, you can change that. Here’s how.

    Windows 10 Explorer opens the file for quick access by default, and Windows 7 Explorer opens Libraries. Unfortunately, if you’d rather have the taskbar icon re-open in a folder of your choice, here’s how to pin it.

    Windows 10 Explorer

    To change the default startup folder using Windows 10 File Explorer, open File Explorer and navigate to the file you just want to open by default, but don’t open it. Instead, right-click the folder and choose New Shortcut from the context menu.

    set the windows explorer startup folder in windows 7

    A shortcut to help in this folder will be created in the same location as the folder. Select a shortcut and press F2 to rename the shortcut conductor.

    Since you are changing the explorer shortcut in the taskbar via a custom folder, you probably want to change it, not the default file icon in explorer. To do this, right-click the shortcut of interest and select “Properties” from the context menu.

    Make sure Link Cost is checked in the Properties dialog box and click most of the Change Icon buttons.

    We’re going to reopen the explorer part with the icon for the explorer.exe itself. In the Change Icon dialog box, type the following directly into the Look for icons in this file type box and press Enter.

    % windir%  explorer.exe 

    Then select the default explorer title in the upper left corner of most of the Select an icon in the following entries fields and click OK.

    Select the new shortcut in explorer and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Then go to the next folder.

     C:  Users  Lori  AppData  Roaming  Microsoft  Internet Explorer  Quick Launch  User Pinned  TaskBar 

    Before pasting a shortcut for a custom file explorer into this folder, we recommend that youLet’s copy the original material label to a different location. This way you have a backup of your shortcut. You can restore the default startup file if you can easily copy and paste the original into the above folder.

    Press Ctrl + V on the new shortcut in the folder on the taskbar. The following dialog will appear to make sure you want to replace the file that is already in the folder. Click “Replace File at Destination” to continue. If

    Now, a single click on the file explorer icon in the taskbar opens the explorer in the selected folder.

    Where is the Startup folder on Windows 7?

    Your personal startup folder should be C: Users AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup. Startup folder for all users should be C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup. You can create folders if they don’t exist.

    Note that if you click the explorer icon in the taskbar, the following dialog layouts will be removed when you delete the directory created for the shortcut to purchase. Restore, the folder will help with this, click on the “Restore” control. The folder will be moved from your current recycle bin to the first location.

    Windows Explorer in Windows 7

    When you click the Windows Explorer icon at the top of the Windows taskbar, the view opens by default libraries. You may not be using a library function, or I am guessing that you would like to customize it for support elsewhere, which is more common with buyers. Edit

    to the Windows Explorer startup file in the system tray, we will change the magic formula in the system tray. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you really want to use, and select the new copy path in the Path field. This makes it easier to add the path to the shortcut correctly.

    How do I make Explorer EXE run on startup Windows 7?

    Just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. Also click the File menu, then select Run New Task next to Windows 8 or 10 (or Create New Task in Windows 7). Enter “explorer.exe” in the Run box and click OK to restart Windows Explorer.

    Now let’s update the properties of the current Windows Explorer shortcut on the taskbar. To do this, right-click on our own Windows Explorer shortcut on the taskbar. Then right-click the Windows Explorer range from the context menu and select Properties from the context menu.

    Remember to check the Shortcut tab when the Properties dialog box is displayed. Place the entire cursor at the end of the current text in the Target field and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied path.

    NOTE. If the path you copied contains spaces, completely enclose ego in quotation marks 4 feet 6 inches

    If you now click the Windows Explorer icon in the taskbar, File Explorer will open in the directory of your choice.

    If the folder you added to add the Windows Explorer icon to the Windows taskbar does not exist (you may have moved or deleted it), the Startup folder appears by default under My Documents.

    set the windows explorer startup folder in windows 7

    To restore the Windows Ten Explorer icon to the folder behind Start, simply copy the original shortcut you saved earlier to C: Users Lori AppData Roaming Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch. from the Pinned User Task Pane folder. In Windows 7, you can reset the default startup folder in Windows Explorer to the default because you reopen the shortcut properties in the taskbar and the path you added where you added the Destination field.


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