Solution To Rename File Extensions In Windows 7

This guide is meant to help you when you get a rename file extension error in Windows 7.


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    Click on any of our files to select them and then return to them.Click and drag larger than the extension, type in the new file extension, and press Enter.

    As a web developer, I often change file types and/or plugins. B. change HTML text to PHP or changeimpact from JPG to PNG. We can all do this by simply changing the folder extension.
    Let’s say I want to change the HTML file named “index.html” to a simple PHP file. All I have to do is rename it to “index.php”. The same goes for converting JPG to PNG, Doc to TXT, etc.

    How do you Rename a file extension?

    Open the insider in their default program.Click the File menu.Click Save As.Choose a location with lower costs.Name the file.Click on the “Save as type” menu.Choose a different extension.Click Save As.

    By default, file name extensions are explicitly ignored, making it impossible to update file types by renaming the file format.
    To enable the visibility of the file extension in the filename, do the following:

    1. Open Windows File Patrol, navigate to any folder to illustrate “My Document”.
    2. Click the top left organization bar, then click Folders and click Search Options.
    3. On the View tab, uncheck Hide extensions for known file types. Click Apply, then OK.
    4. Now this file extension is visible and included in file domain names, you can now change files from one type or form to another, and by changing the extension.

    How do I Rename multiple file extensions in Windows 7?

    Click on the file you want to highlight, then click again. Windows automatically chooses to use the filename, so whatever you type updates the existing name.Click and drag the completed extension, type in the new file extension, and press Enter.

    When people open a file, Windows was most likely checking the file extension and calling the application that now defaults to that format, but sometimes it happens when someone downloads an attachment or downloads something sent via a torrent. Available file extensions are mixed up. Like many video files, there is undoubtedly a .DAT extension that is not recognized by any video recorder because users have to change the file extension.

    First you see the file data format (for example, filename.jpg), otherwise, open Windows Explorer and press the Alt key, and also click the “Advanced” menu button in the options folders.

    Now click Show Case and uncheck Hide known file types with extensions, then click OK. (This is the best way to see file extensions).

    Here we choose an example of the following file, where some of the images have a .jpg extension, and one of those particular files has an .avi extension, which means it is a video file.

    rename file extension in windows 7

    When I Tried to open this file with the default application for .avi which was considered a video file mainly due to its i extension, I got a better error message saying that WMP just won’t play this file, VLC doesn’t either . This means that we should successfully change the extension because, as we suspected earlier, it was not a video file.


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • Step 3. The next step is always to change the file extension. Right-click the suspicious termination and select Rename.

    The characters before the dot (.) represent the name appended to the file, and the characters that may come after the dot define the file’s main extension, so here we would change the other half after a few months, which is currently avi.

    After changing them from image_1.avi to image_1.jpg you will receive an error message with a warning. On the other hand, hit the yes button because my husband and I know exactly what we’re doing here.

    Now open this file and when everything is ok, insider will open like in our example as image_1.jpg did.

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