How To Backup, Restore And Fix Windows 8.1 Activation?

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported that they have stumbled upon Windows 8.1 backup and restore activation.


  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems
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    Go to “C: Windows System32 spp “, copy it to any “Store” folder and save it to another drive.Now reinstall Windows.After reinstalling Windows, open Command Prompt through Administrator and type “slmgr -upk” while holding down the Enter key.

    Since Microsoft introduced product activation in Windows XP, there is a need in the market to save the activation so that someone can restore it later if someone needs to format your hard drive, reinstall it in their machine, and reinstall Windows on arrival. the same equipment. Unfortunately, doing this manually is inefficient, although possible. In addition, with each version of Windows, Microsoft is making some changes to most licenses and activations to circumvent technology piracy. Let’s take a look at how best to protect Windows activation. In fact, it’s perfectly legal as long as everyone has a valid activated license.

    how to backup and restore windows 8.1 activation

    Note. Read this article if you want to include all versions of Microsoft for Office, including those that use App-V (streaming) technology similar to Office 2013.

    Microsoft will only authorize appropriate activation of Windows over the Internet or over the Internet for the specified period. IfIf you want to reactivate online, your company must activate the automatic system over the phone. This is inconvenient because you have to change a few digits on your phone in order to send the setup ID to Microsoft and then enter the activation phone numbers into your device.

    How do I permanently activate my Windows 8.1 for free?

    Select the correct license key for your version of Windows.Run the administrative prompt in administrator mode.Use slmgr / ipk your_key board to use the license key.And Use the query β€œslmgr / skms s8.uk.to” to connect to my own KMS server.Activate Windows using the “slmgr / ato” command.

    There is an excellent free third party Advanced Tokens Manager app from Josh Cell Softwares that makes it easy to back up and restore this activation. This is a legal and clean way to get your activation back. It retains several unique features:

    • If you’ve rebuilt the same version of Windows or Office with the same product key, Home can permanently restore the activation from a specific backup with a 100% successful price on the same hardware.
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    • If the activation of the telephone number is restored, the key for generating the main equipment identifier is saved.
    • Can be doneBack up to 32-bit and restore to support 64-bit of the same product, also known as vice versa.
    • Supports various licensing channels such as retail, OEM, MAK / volume.
    • Make sure the recognized system key matches the license specified in the license.
    • Checks the integrity of the backup and the legitimacy of the version of the product installed before restoring.

    How do I fix Windows 8.1 not activated?

    Click Activate and open cmd in administrator mode (right click cmd -> Run as administrator) and run the command as sfc / scannow then just press Enter. Restart your computer and use it to wake up Windows 8, which is also working fine.

    Tokens Manager is highly recommended for all Windows users. At the time of this writing, it supports Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Windows 7, Vista, Office 2013, and Office 2010. Currently, only telephone activations for Windows 8.1 can be repaired without issue. The program requires .NET Framework 4.0.

    How do I restore Windows 8 without a product key?

    Open the main screen and search for “Deployment and Imaging Tools” and launch a dedicated command line management environment. Burn or mount the corresponding ISO file in the virtual device and you can install Windows 8 without a device key and also choose the Standard or Pro edition.

    Note for Office App-V (streaming / subscription) version starting in 2013, this application is not supported except for Windows Installer (MSI) version.

    SupportedBackups with a perpetual / permanent license. Temporary licenses cannot be saved.

    How do I get rid of the Windows 8.1 activation message?

    It’s right on the left side of the screen. Check the box next to Activate Windows. It can be found in the Security Messages section. Selecting this check box clears the check box, which suppresses activation messages.


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    how to backup and restore windows 8.1 activation

    Windows 8.1 activation and manual Cream ID backup and restore not available

    A. Safe activation of Windows 8.1

    1. In [Explorer] and [Hidden Check Items], click [Show].


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • 2. Copy the C: Windows System32 Spp store folder to store it outside the system hard drive, and also save the activation key.

    How do I reinstall Windows 8 without losing the activation?

    However, if you think you want to reinstall Windows to avoid losing the trigger, you can create a Secondary Activation, then reinstall Windows, and then restore the activation. This activation method provides backup and restoreStopping Windows 8 activation is as thorough as activating Microsoft Office.

    3. Make sure that most of your saved Stores 2.0 directories contain the following folders and files:

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    1. After installing Windows 8.1, start an administrator command prompt and enter: slmgr -upk (uninstall key, change state) without the key 2. Enter Win + X + R, msconfig: check the [Run] field frequently. 3. In this [System Popup Configuration] window, select [Guide] β†’ [Secure Boot] β†’ [Minimum] β†’ [OK]. 4. Reboot the system in safe mode. 5. With the correct mode enabled, quickly open an administrator command and type: net stop sppsvc. Replace the output of the C: Windows System32 spp folder with the saved folder space. … Run msconfig, select [Boot] in the current [System Popup Configuration] window, uncheck any [Safe Boot] checkbox, just click [OK] and restart.

    8. Run mn againhi-level mode, launch admin prompt, download registered key and activate my system: slmgr Ipk / xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx slmgr – ato slmgr / dlv slmgr per dli == ==== ======== ============================== 20131121 Update: Product code is available during Windows activation, but not sold. Replace the memory activation file during Windows startup. A situation may arise where the product ID is not available. The solution is to right click the folder C: Windows System32 spp store-Properties, Security-Edit, Add- “Enter the object name for a successful selection”, enter NT SERVICE sppsvc Pinpoint. Also grant full permissions on the sppsvc constraint. If error 5 Deny Access, set the permissions to the folder of our store to All for full access. File permissions can be saved automatically using the icacls control: icacls “C: Windows System32 spp Store 2.0” and aclfile C save / – t Enter. Now that the command is complete, the aclfile will be generated in C: Windows System32 and saved in a different location as a video using, for example, the home directory of drive E. After reinstalling the practice, first restore the activation file, and thenm use the command C: Windows System32 spp store 2.0 to create new permissions. icacls “C: Windows System32 spp store” / restore E: aclfile

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    Get this software now and fix your PC problems for good.

    What is the Windows Activation backup tool?

    Windows Activation Backup Tools promotes this file and allows you to restore the same file if someone does a clean install or reinstall of Windows. Is there a way to secure Windows 10 activation?

    How many times can I restore the activation from a backup?

    If you’ve successfully installed the same edition in Windows or Office with the same services or product keys, it can restore a service from the same backup an unlimited number of times with 100% success on the same device. When the phone is reactivated, the specific master key for generating the hardware ID is saved.

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