How To Resolve Error 2 When Running Fsck.reiserfs


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    You should check out these repair recommendations if you encounter error 2 while executing an fsck.reiserfs error.

    After attaching ReiserFS hard drive to dev box, I get this error after sudo fsck / dev / sde2:

    This is of course not a permissions issue, or just a bug if you know exactly who fsck can’t find Reiser targeting tools. Do this:

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    Server hard drives often degrade performance due to file system errors. And utilities like fsck are very helpful in fixing bugs.

    error 2 while executing fsck.reiserfs

    But what if the utility company reports the slippage itself? The typical error message “fsck: error 2 (No such manual entry or directory)” appears. This error often occurs due to the lack of fsck policy on the server.

    At Bobcares, we now frequently see fsck errors like this during infrequent server audits in Server Management Services.

    Today we will begin to see the various reasons for achieving “fsck error 2” and our solutions for dedicated engineers.

    Other Aspects Of The FSCK

    Website requirements – Frequent reading and writing of all data to and from the hard drive. As a result, the device can often cause hard disk errors.

    Checking the integrity of a server’s hard drive can sometimes avoid potential problems with a website. And fsck (file system consistency check) is a boon for hosting administrators. On production servers, they automatically coordinate fsck at startup time, and this can be periodic at regular intervals.

    Since fsck is directly dependent on the configuration of the hard drive, I would argue that it still requires extensive knowledge of the various hard drive partitions on the server. Therefore, our support specialists conduct a detailed and final inspection of the hard drive surfaces before each check. To check the consistency of a reader like / dev / sda6 we run the command:

      fsck / dev / sda6  

    Fortunately, the fsck command will return several error codes depending on the overall results of the check. Detailed standard the error is indicated as follows:

      "fsck: second error (no such file or directory) when running fsck.ext4 for / dev / sdb1 fsck left with status code 8"  

    What Causes Multiple Fsck Errors?

    It’s time to see the exact typical causes of “fsck how to error 2”. The exact reason may apply to different servers.

    1. Missing Fsck


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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

  • Missing fsck is likely the cause of fsck errors. The normal fsck budget is in the / sbin file on the server. However, since this will corrupt the server binaries or improper package formatting, the fsck binary may remain on the servers.

    2. Typo In Startup Parameters

    Likewise, failure to set boot options can also lead to fsck errors. The drive names should always help in the boot settings of the device. For example, choosing Boot to be able to boot Ubuntu from the non-existent computer / dev / sbd also causes fsck to fail.

    Possible Fixes For Fsck 2


    We have seen two good reasons for the fsck error. Now we see a fix The concepts that each specialized engineer applies on the server.

    1. Correct Binary Path

    Recently, our clients reported an error when running fsck on an ntfs partition from their server. It looks like the following error message is displayed.

      fsck: fsck.ntfs: actually foundfsck: error 2 while running fsck.ntfs

    To / dev / sda2

    When we checked these servers, we found that there was actually no fsck.ntfs file in / sbin. So my husband and I had to create a symbolic hyperlink by running:

      ln -s / bin / ntfsfix /sbin/fsck.ntfs  

    2. Update Initramfs

    Again, since the client was having trouble starting up the newly installed Ubuntu server, most of us decided to update the server via initramfs. Initramfs is a huge collection of directories, just like a normal root filesystem.

    Basically, we checked the launch parameters on the server. Then our specialized engineers fixed the problem by putting the server in question into recovery mode from GRUB.

    error 2 while executing fsck.reiserfs

      assembly -o go up, rw /  
      update-initramfs -c -k  
      Stop -3e   back now  

    [Are you seeing fsck errors on the server? Our server specialists should troubleshoot and restore your server.]


    That is why the “fsck 2” error occurs simply due to a corrupted or insufficient binary file, typographical errors when scanning the file console, etc. Today we saw the nature of the reasons for the failure and information about how it was developed with our special patch …


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    Erreur 2 Lors De L Execution De Fsck Reiserfs
    Fout 2 Tijdens Het Uitvoeren Van Fsck Reiserfs
    Error 2 Al Ejecutar Fsck Reiserfs
    Fsck Reiserfs 실행 중 오류 2
    Errore 2 Durante L Esecuzione Di Fsck Reiserfs
    Erro 2 Ao Executar Fsck Reiserfs
    Fehler 2 Beim Ausfuhren Von Fsck Reiserfs
    Oshibka 2 Pri Vypolnenii Fsck Reiserfs
    Fel 2 Nar Fsck Reiserfs Kors
    Blad 2 Podczas Wykonywania Fsck Reiserfs

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