How To Resize Solaris 10

If you’ve seen Solaris 10 resize the paging file, the following user guide may help you.


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    Check the usage and size of the recently issued swap: swap number -l.Find the mount part with space for the custom swap file. oracle> df -k.Create a trusted file to use as a UNIX change file. # mkfile 2048m / space / paging file.Activate this file as a swap file.Modify the list.Make the replacement instruction available on reboot by declaring the software in.

    Name = “SAGDFSgizfl”>

    Add Or Change Paging Space In Oracle Solaris ZFS Root Environment

    The next section describes how to add or change paging space inZFS root environment. Check out each of our previous sections to see if your business system is right orApps require additional discussion space.

    How To Add Paging Space To Your Oracle ZFS Solaris Root Environment

    1. Become an administrator.

      For more information, see How to Use Your Assigned Administrator Rights in Oracle Solaris 11.1 Administration: Security Services.

    2. Determine the volume of the exchange of the bank.


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    3. Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
    4. Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
    5. Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer for problems

    A swap partition can be non-removable if it is retrieved during use. You canDetermine if the current switched volume is in use by measuring blocksblocks specified in the “Blocks” and “Cost” column. Whenthe blocks in five columns are the same, the swap market does not match.employee. For example:

    How do you increase swap size in ZFS?

    When the current swap space is definitely in use, you can change the total size of the current swap sound, but you will need to start learning again to see how the swap room is enlarged. If the system does not reboot, add another paging volume to expand the paging space. Then detach the second swap volume.

     # change -lswapfile dev blocks swaplo for free/ dev / zvol / dsk / rpool / swap 256.1 16 1058800 1058800 
  • To change the volume of the switch, select one of the following options.
    1. If the current swap area is really not in use, you can resize it.the size of the current swap weight, but you need to restart your computer systemto see the increase in paging space.

      For example:

       # zfs get rpool / swap volumeNAME OWNIT'S COST SOURCEVolume Size Rpool / Swap 517M ​​-# zfs get volssize = 2g rpool / swap# zfs gets volsize rpool / swapNAME PROPERTY VALUE SOURCErpool / swap volssize 2G -# initialization 6 
    2. If the computer system does not restart, add another majority swap to replace yourTotal commercial area.

      For example:

      How do I change the swap partition size?

      To resize it, click on your swap partition (here / dev / sda9) and select the Resize / Move option. It looks like it would look like this:Drag the cursor arrows to the left or right, then click the Modify tab.size / move “. Your swap partition will be changed.

       # zfs -V 2G create rpool / swap2 

      Then encourage a second swap volume.

       # - which you just swapped / dev / zvol / dsk / rpool / swap2# swap -lswapfile dev blocks swaplo for free/ dev / zvol / dsk / rpool / swap 256.1 16 1058800 1058800/ dev / zvol / dsk / rpool / swap2 256.3 16.4194288 4194288 
  • Add an entry here for the second swap volume if necessaryThe file / etc / vfstab .

    For example:

     / dev / zvol / dsk / rpool / swap2 - - Replace with no - 
  • Paging space is used as virtual memory when a portion of the system does not have enough physical memory to handle running processes. You may need to add a swap zone to your system if there is not enough swap space available, possibly if recommended by your software vendor. Do the following Steps to add storage to a Solaris system. This example uses a Solaris 10 system.

    Step 1

    While you are logged in as root on the system, you will see that the “swap -s” command provides a summary of the resources used to exchange information. The output projection screens summarize the number of specified bytes that are currently in use, the number most commonly associated with the currently reserved bytes, the total paging space, both reserved and allocated, and the total with future swap space. reservations and deductions.

    Step 2

    The state of its swap areas on disk is checked using the “swap -l” command. The output shows the physical paging space configured on your system, all paging space, and the amount of free paging space on our device.

    Step 3

    What is swap memory in Solaris?

    Oracle Solaris operating system software and recording software may use some of the hard drive lounges for temporary storage instead of file systems. The reserved area on disk is called the swap environment. Paging space is used as a type of electronic storage area when the entire body does not have enough physical memory to handle running processes.

    Using the entire df -k command will determine that there is sufficient disk space on the monitored system to add an appropriate 20MB paging file to the demo. Outputshow that there is just enough space to add a drop zone.

    Step 4

    change swap file size solaris 10

    For demonstration purposes, a special 20 MB swap file should be added to our system. The / usr / local / swap directory is created using the mkdir -p command. In this directory, a 20MB replacement file is created, supplied with the mkfile command, and added to the actual system swap space, which consists of the “swap -a” command.


    The availability of the new configuration file is then checked using the “swap -l command” part. The “swap -s” handle snowball report notes have changed.

    Remove Swap File

    How do I resize a swap file?

    Disable only swap processes sudo swapoff -a.Resize the master swap (512 MB becomes 8 GB)Make the file usable as an alternative to sudo mkswap / swapfile.Activate the swap directory sudo swapon / swappile.Check available swap space grep SwapTotal / proc / meminfo.

    change swap file size solaris 10

    1. If resource swapping is used infrequently, the accurately created swap file is removed with the special swap -d and rm commands. Note that the swap -l command may display results indicating that you are running out of paging space.

    2. After viewing the summary description of the cumulative swap using the swap -utes command to check the available space, the trusted hard disk partition is added as a sort of pod fragmentchecks into storage space.

     # -s switchTotal: 44750504 KB allocated + 3550360 KB reserved = 48300864 KB used, 143647648 KB available 
     # swap -lswapfile dev free swaplo shoes/ dev / zvol / dsk / swappool / swap 256.1 07 268435440 211978800 
     # df -k /Available file system capacity in kilobytes Mounted onrpool / ROOT / 10u9S_144534 70189056 11505600 22912949 34% / 
     # mkdir -p / usr / local / swap# mkfile 20m / usr / local / swap / newswap# swap -a / usr / local / swap / newswap 
     # alternatives -d / usr / local / swap / newswap 

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